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Facts about the City of San Diego Franklin Ridge Road Connection.

The Franklin Ridge Road Connection, which would be a vehicular link between Mission Valley and Serra Mesa, has been a requirement of the Mission Valley Community Plan since it was adopted in 1985.

In August 2017 The San Diego Planning Commission recommended certification of the project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in a 6-1 vote.  On October 30, 2017, the San Diego City Council voted 8-1 to approve the Franklin Ridge Road connection. A group of residents from Civita and Serra Mesa filed suit to oppose that decision. In January 2020, a judge ruled that the environmental analysis was adequate and planning for the road connection could move forward. The attorney representing the residents appealed that ruling in May 2020.

The City of San Diego has the exclusive power to decide whether the road connection will be built. In fact, the City has recorded an Irrevocable Offer of Dedication on the property, giving the city absolute jurisdiction.

Sudberry Properties, the master developer of Civita, has no power or authority to decide whether the road connection will be made.

  • If built, the 460-foot-long connector would have four lanes with traffic signals at each end. According to the project EIR, the connector’s “design speed” would be 55 miles per hour, but “the posted speed for the roadway would very likely be reduced from the design speed because of the relatively short length of the connection, which would transition into a residential area.”  The EIR also states, “Safety would be a primary consideration for the limit set.”*
  • The existing roads in Civita are completed and will not be changed or widened whether or not the road connection is built. Likewise, the speed limit on existing roads in Civita is 35 MPH and will not change.  (This is based on the city’s classification of the roads in Civita.)
  • If the city decides to proceed with the Franklin Ridge Road Connection, Sudberry Properties will build the road, as it has all roads in Civita, in accordance with the high aesthetics found in the community.
  • During the entitlement process for Civita, Sudberry Properties agreed to remain neutral on the issue of the road connection and has done so ever since. However, Sudberry Properties representatives ascertained there were a number of serious errors in the original EIR and met with the city a number of times to clarify those inaccuracies. In those meetings, Sudberry Properties representatives provided information, but made no attempt to lobby for or against the connection.
  • Many corrections, suggested by Sudberry and others, were made in the recirculated draft EIR.
  • All homeowners of Civita have been given disclosures regarding the City’s option to make the road connection.


  • Opponents say that the road would increase traffic, reduce safety, and impair the pedestrian-friendly character of the surrounding communities.
  • Proponents of the road connection say it would ease traffic congestion, help complete a regional bicycling network, reduce carbon emissions, and provide more direct access to I-805 from Mission Valley. City officials also say the connector would boost emergency response times.