New Homes at Civita

Life at the center of all things new.

Great communities are more than the sum of their parts. When the right ingredients come together, places take on a life, an attitude, an energy and a purpose all their own. Home, recreation, shopping and connectivity all live happily together. Civita is a place built on leading-edge ideas in sustainable development and timeless design principles of town planning. Civita—a blend of civic and vitality—is what we’re creating here: a vital place with a civic heart.

Our master-planned community started life as a rock quarry in the 1920s, and now these 230 acres are realizing a new purpose in the 21st century. New homes, apartments, shops, restaurants and offices will be connected through a network designed more for walking and biking than driving. Each of our eight districts will have its own distinctive character and undeniable style, all wrapped around beautiful open spaces. Over 60 acres of parks, open space and a civic center are planned, with the public park planning process now underway.

Partnerships that Count

Civita has partnered with some of San Diego’s leading technology and green partners to provide new and emerging services including SDG&E, car2go, and AT&T, whose AT&T U-verse® services will be available to all Civita residents via fiber network. Civita is the first master-planned community in San Diego to provide this suite of services using an FTTP network. Scroll down to learn more.

Civita Partners

SDG&E LogoCivita has partnered with SDG&E to create a “smart energy community.” This involves the installation of solar panels, vehicle charging stations, fuel cell generation, battery storage, and enhanced energy management tools for residents and businesses. These smart grid technologies help residents and businesses conserve electricity, preserve the environment and ensure that Civita remains a low-carbon community. For more details, click here.

AT&T LogoSpeedy connections, access and short download times are important to everyone. The AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet is delivered on an advanced fiber network to Civita homes and businesses. The U-verse suite of services offers residents the ability to manage DVR recordings, watch TV on iPads or select smartphones, and that’s just the beginning. To learn more click here.