The Grant Family

The Grant Family

In the early 1900s, Franklin and Alta Grant fell in love with a particular piece of land along the San Diego River. Hoping to find oil, Franklin discovered rock instead, and the family mined the property for over 70 years. Many of San Diego’s buildings, roads and highways are built with aggregate from the quarry. Their grandchildren, the Grant cousins, were inspired to turn their family legacy into a walkable village centered around a large public park that fosters community connectivity.

Sudberry Properties

Sudberry Group Photo

In the early 2000s, after 30 years of building mixed-use and commercial developments throughout San Diego, Sudberry Properties, a local family-owned company, was looking for an opportunity to create a community that integrated the latest design trends with current sustainability practices—one that future generations would enjoy for years to come. Their leadership and experience combined with the Grant family’s heritage, made for an ideal partnership.

The Vision

Collectively they brought together leading citizens, experts and politicians to discuss and debate their vision. After 7 years, a consensus was reached. Civita – a name that blends civic with vitality – will bring their shared dream to life.