Snap a Photo with The Paparazzi Dogs in Civita Park

Contemporary artists Gillie and Marc Schattner’s globetrotting sculpture “The Paparazzi Dogs” is on display in Civita Park near the flagpole, now through
through June 7, 2018.

The 5-foot dogs, called the world’s most notorious photographers, have snapped imaginary photos of celebs and everyday people all over the world, including Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, New York City and now Civita. Millions of people have posed with them, including Snoop Dog, and now it’s your turn.

Stop by and snap a selfie with the canine paparazzi. You’ll feel like a celebrity! Add these two hashtags when sharing your photos with the sculptures: #TravelEverywhereWithLove and #CivitaLife

We’ll repost our favorites on our social media sites.