Civita Introduces Free Shuttle Service to Local Trolley Stations

The 20-passenger shuttle bus with wheelchair lift and bike rack will operate
during morning and evening commute times Monday through Friday

Civita has introduced a free shuttle service to give residents easy access to San Diego Trolley Stations at Fenton Marketplace and Hazard Center. The 20-passenger shuttle bus with bike rack and ADA compliant wheelchair lift will initially operate Monday through Friday from 7 to 9 a.m. in the morning and 5 to 7 p.m. in the evening. The shuttle stops in Civita are located on Civita Boulevard near Via Alta.
The shuttle will operate in a continuous loop. Residents will be able to determine the next pick-up time via a GPS tracking system from Transdev, a global transportation provider. It is available at
“This free shuttle service, operated by the Civita Homeowners’ Association, is intended to help Civita residents with their commutes, said Mark Radelow, vice president and senior project manager for Sudberry Properties, the developer of Civita.
The shuttle bus is fueled by propane, an emissions-reducing, economical alternative fuel used by San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). “The bus’ emission savings is equivalent to planting 1,380 trees or eliminating 56,822 pounds of coal over the life of the bus,” said Radelow. Historically, propane autogas costs 40 percent less than gasoline and up to 50 percent less than diesel, according to the MTS website.
“The shuttle service is another example of Civita’s commitment to the environment,” he said. “Civita has a tradition of employing the latest eco-friendly and sustainable innovations, including smart grid technology, solar arrays, electric vehicle charging stations, and street lighting using LED technology.”

San Diego City Council Approves Franklin Ridge Road Connection

The San Diego City Council recently voted 8-1 to approve the “Franklin Ridge Road Connection,” a vehicular connection between Mission Valley and Serra Mesa through Civita. The connection will extend Civita’s Franklin Ridge Road to the north and connect to Phyllis Place in Serra Mesa.

Proponents of the road connection say it would ease traffic congestion, help complete a regional bicycling network, reduce carbon emissions, and provide more direct access to I-805 from Mission Valley. City officials also say the connector would boost emergency response times.

Opponents say that the road would increase traffic, reduce safety, and impair the pedestrian-friendly character of the surrounding communities. Some opponents of the road connection have vowed to fight the decision in court.

The City of San Diego has been considering a possible vehicular connection between Mission Valley and Serra Mesa since 1985. When plans for Civita were approved, Sudberry Properties agreed to abide by the city’s ultimate decision and stay neutral on the issue. To accommodate either decision, the Civita Specific Plan was designed with and without the road connection. Click here to view artist renderings of the two options.