3 Green U.S. Cities Worth Living In

Green technology continues to develop and grow, with practical solutions being developed constantly that find their way into your everyday life. Solar panels continue to become more accessible for the average homeowner, hybrid cars continue to rise in popularity and many cities are examining their infrastructures and best practices to determine whether green initiatives fit into their overall economic and development plans. Some cities are fully behind clean, green energy and technology as a way of futureproofing their development and attracting environmentally conscious populations.

Green Metrics

Cities don’t have ‘green police’ that examine key metrics before a city calls itself green. However, the Mother Nature Network does have a few statistics they recommend you keep an eye out for when choosing a new green home. The carbon footprint, availability of bike lanes and public transport, overall quality of the surrounding environment, renewaable energy sources and green product access helps create an environment suitable for green living lovers. Here are our top three: Continue reading

Let’s Play Some Kickball

VAVi Kickbal at CivitaVAVi’’s adult co-ed kickball league has made its way to our very own Temporary Park at Civita.

Join us on Sundays between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM from February 23rd to March 30th (six weeks).

The cost is $44 per person, or $459 for a team of 12–-14, includes five refereed regular season games, a tournament for the qualifying teams and a VAVi team t-Shirt.

Visit www.govavi.com/kickball for additional details and to sign up. Look for the “Mission Valley” location.

See you on the field!